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Presentation & info

What is the VEG-BAG?
The VEG-BAG is a new way of promoting the Vegetarian Festival: a practical bag in 100% biological cotton containing some products of best bio certified Italian companies. This is an original way to sponsor the Festival and to finance the event.

The VEG-BAG - launched for the 2nd edition of this Festival - was so successful among the audience and the companies participating in the event that - only on Sunday, 4 September - over 750 bags were sold!

With a view to making the VEG-BAG more interesting, we decided to involve cosmetic companies in the event, supplying natural wellbeing remedies, that deal with alternative energy sources, sustainable architecture or recycling.

What are you waiting for?
The VEG-BAG is a unique opportunity to promote your business products or launch new items!

How does it work?
It's very easy! A company that decides to participate in the VEG-BAG initiative sends its products to the Biolab, the head of the Vegetarian Festival to verify that they meet the required regulations; as a result, the company name will be promoted by the Festival and the name will be published in several on and off-line editions.

Please read the regulation and consider the most suitable solution for your company in the packages put together for the third edition for the Festival and then fill in the on-line registration.

Your activity will be easily promoted as never before!

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Sandra Muradore

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Biolab Via dei Vegetariani 2
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