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work together



The Bone Marrow Donors Association aims at raising people's awareness about the fight against illnesses such as leukaemia thanks to the transplant.
Official website

A.I.P.A. Gorizia

The Isonzo Animal Protective Association is a volountary association for animal wellness.
Official website

A.S.D. Nicker Horse

A.S.D. Nicker Horse

The association aims at spreading a strategy with a view to improving horses' wellness by creating an equestrian culture based on respect and knowledge of equine ethology.
Official website

Amici in Giardino

A circle of amateur gardening, a group of friends - from different towns in Friuli Venezia Giulia - who share a common passion for plants, flowers, vegetables of every shape.
Official website

Ass. Salviamo gli Orsi

The Association Salviamo gli Orsi della Luna is committed to save 20.000 Chinese bears and to end the legal practice of farming bears for their bile in order to produce medicines, drinks and shampoos.
Official website

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