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Authors & Artists

Renata Balducci

Renata Balducci was born in Massa - in Tuscany - in 1961, the daughter of Umbrian parents. She has always been proud of them: her father works as a building surveyor, her mother is a housewife and she cooks very well. She got a degree of building surveying but she immediately discovered her passion.

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Marco Bertali

He is a psychologist, psychiatry and physician, he specialised in psychotherapy - psychosynthesis and logotherapy. He also studied hypnosis and the modified states of consciousness - close to meditation and psychosomatic techniques such as arhatic yoga and pranic healing.

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Devis Bonanni

Devis Bonanni was born in 1984. He grew in Carnia, a mountain region at the northern/eastern borders of Alps. Here he says that he feels like an old and modern inhabitant, a native and a foreigner at the same time.

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Fabio Brescacin is one of the pioneers in the Italian biodynamic agriculture. After his degree in Agrarian Studies (1979), he became one of the founders of the Anthroposophical Association Rudolf Steiner di Conegliano (TV).

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