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Registration procedures 2012

You can choose between two different registration procedures: on-line and paper registration. The Festival organisation suggests and promotes the on-line platform which is suitable to allow all exhibitors to register with a huge paper saving. Look after the environment!

Before proceeding to registration, we suggest you read carefully the 2012 rules in detail. We suggest you prepare, in digital version, the following documents in order to finalize your registration:
- Identity documents of the legal representative
- Self-certification (document in the footnote)
- Company or association logo not less than 150x60 pixel.

You can register from the 1st June to the 26th August 2012. Prior to the 1 of July, for those who register for the third edition of the Vegetarian Festival a discount of 15% off the cost of registration will be given!

If you do not change your mind and we cannot persuade you (are you sure?) you can download the form on the following link with the participation demand and we kindly ask you to send all documents to:

Festival Vegetariano
c/o Biolab, via dei Vegetariani, 2
34170 Gorizia (GO) - Italia
Fax +39 0481 530387
Mail espositori@festivalvegetariano.it

Attached documents
- Participation request
- Identity card of the legal representative
- Self-certification
- Bank transfer receipt
- Company or association logo (size: 150x60 pixel)

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us! A member of our staff will be at your disposal for any query or explanation.

Contact details
Martina Pizzamiglio

Iscrizione espositori | cartacea


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Biolab Via dei Vegetariani 2
Gorizia Italia P.IVA IT 00461070310