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Products of VEG-BAG

Achillea - Pear Juice 750ml

The juice is made with natural techniques: the juice is pressed and filtered. The pear is a fruit that contains all relevant features: more fruit sugar than sucrose, so it is low-calorie and refreshing. It exhibits good antioxidant effect and has important nutritional elements such as: simple sugar, pectin, tannin, mineral salt, malic acid and citric acid.
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Alce Nero - Tomato purée 500gr

The tomato used for the tomato purée Alce Nero is grown by our associated in the fertile and rich region of the Mezzano Valley in the delta region of the Po’ River. The grown varieties are: Coimbra, Ercole and Oxford, rich of lycopene - an important antioxidant against the free radicals.
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Baule Volante - Biocrock sesame 30g

BioCrock Sesamo Baule Volante is a crunchy of sesame seed produced with home-made techniques like the whole BioCrock line: after raw materials have been cooked, the mixture is stretched, cut and packaged with home-made techniques. All recipes created and produced by Eco-Bio ALimentare in San Giorgio in Bosco (PD) employ only alternative sugar substitutes.
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