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Around Gorizia

Gorizia, the town with lots of souls

Gorizia is located in a valley among hills and two rivers, Isonzo and Vipacco, defined by Paolo Diacono at the end of the 8th century as a "large passage, easy to be crossed", where invasions and cultural exchanges took place in the past.

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Collio, a hilly amphitheatre

Collio has always been compared with the hills around the Rhine as wells as with the mountains around the Burgundy or in Tuscany and Marche. Collio is a huge hilly amphitheatre between the rivers Isonzo and Judrio that, after the Second World War, passed to Yugoslavia.

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Isonzo, wild and obstinate

The Soča, Isonzo or Aesontius is an Alpine river. It is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

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