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Schedule daily

The Vegetarian Festival will be held in Gorizia, in Piazza della Vittoria, from Friday, August 30 to Sunday, September 1, 2013.

You will have the chance to:
MEET FAMOUS PEOPLE: writers, artists and experts who embrace the VEG way-of-life.
TASTE BIO- VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN FOOD and enjoy its flavors in various gastronomic stalls with a special menu.
ATTEND SOME SHOWCOOKINGS to discover the chefs’ secrets.
BUY YOUR VEG-BAG full of organic products at a very special price.
STROLL THROUGH THE MARKET AND EXHIBITION AREA and buy organic, genuine and original products.
ENTERTAINING CHILDREN with edutainment art workshops.

Cultural events are all free entrance, and will take place in any weather condition.
The program may change: come back to these pages to always have the latest version.

Friday, August 30

Speech delivered by: Jacopo FO | Stefano Martelossi | Paolo Bianchini | Marinella Correggia | Lucio Cavazzoni | Fabio Brescacin | Massimo Cirri | Presenta: Francesca Cheyenne

... more

Saturday, August 31

Speech delivered by: Davide Ciccarese | Marco Geronimi Stoll | Marco Mamone Capria | Armido Marana | Eliana Bruschera | Fabrizio Summonte | Mario Tozzi | Don Pasta | Presenta: Francesca Cheyenne

... more

Sunday, 1 September

Speech delivered by: Leonardo Caffo | Annamaria Manzoni | Pietro Del Re | Marco Verdone | Smilla e Paolo | Massimo Cirri | Diego Parassole | Riccardo Piferi | Presenta: Francesca Cheyenne

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