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The Vegetarian Festival is an event that deals with different green topics and attracts bio-vegetarian fans, environment and ecology, animal protection, health and wellness.
Thanks to the versatility of the event the audience is very rich and heterogeneous, attracted by cuisine courses, workshops, guests of the cultural pavilion; three days to share ideas and opinion or to satisfy one's curiosities: the stage of the Vegetarian Festival is aimed at getting a unique visibility.

- Before the Festival -
Your logo will be visible not only for those who know your brand and will appreciate your support and engagement in the initiative but also for the curious people and neophytes who will choose your brand because it is familiar to them. Apart from the web, huge posters in Friuli Venezia Giulia, cards, printed schedules, fliers will be used: several opportunities to be well-known.

- During the Festival -
In the corner of the cultural pavilion where interviews will be performed and photos of the guests will be taken, partner logos will be visible: would you like a picture with prof. Mario Tozzi and your company logo?

For further information:
infoline +39 3382722331

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