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VEG-BAG is back

While strolling between the stands at the Festival, look for the Bottega Veg in Piazza Victoria and Corso Verdi: you will find the VEG-BAG, a 100% organic cotton shopping bag full of organic products ...

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Celiac disease and vegetarianism: a medical view

Friday, August 30, at 2.30pm, the culture pavilion will host a debate on celiac disease, nowadays a very important issue for many vegetarians and vegans: this permanent intolerance to gluten reduces the list of possible foods in the diet ...

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The Vegetarian Festival for childre

Thanks to the renewed collaboration with the Science Center Immaginario Scientifico, six Workshop Kids will be held in the three days of the Festival: these workshops are based on the edutainment formula and children will learn the secrets of three foods: cereals, vegetables and fruit ...

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Times of crisis: a challenge for green companies

This is something that everybody is dealing with nowadays: what can we do with business and work to restore hope in this times of economic crisis? At the Vegetarian Festival we will try to answer this questions through the stories of some companies that have bet on an environment-friendly developmen

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