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After last year's huge success, No Impact Cinema is presented in the 2013 edition with a news formula: while three of the six scheduled films are for a young audience, the other three are documentaries intended for an older audiece and will be introduced by a presentation in the Mediateca reading room at 6.15pm each day.

Friday, August 30 Paolo Fedrigo will present Marie-Monique Robin's "The World According to Monsanto", which report history, actions and disputes of the biotechnology giant company.
Saturday, August 31 the main theme is garbage: Flavio Gabrielcig, Head of the Land and Environment Service and of the Waste Observatory of the province of Gorizia, will introduce the projection of "Trashed", where Jeremy Irons accompanies viewers on a journey around the world documenting the consequences of landfills.
Sunday, September 1st sharks are the protagonists: in "Sharkwater" filmmaker Rob Stewart demonstrates how these animals are essential to the oceans ecosystem and not the sea monsters they we are used to see in movies. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been working for years to protect the marine ecosystem, as the documentary also show. The activist Raffaella Tolicetti, with the participation of Pietro Del Re, will introduce the film by telling us some of her actions in the sea.

You can find all the exhibition program in fringe activities.

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