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Friday, 31 August

10 a.m.
Official opening of the stand

11 a.m.
Opening of the third Vegetarian Festival
Presentation made by the director of the Festival, Massimo Santinelli, and greetings to the authorities

2.30 p.m.
Nobili scorpacciate vegan - Le 4 stagioni (Quantic Publishing, 2012)
BioContessa Renata Balducci speaks about her book

4 p.m.
How to raise healthy vegetarian children
Speech delivered by doctor Luciano Proietti, a paediatrician who decided to raise his children with a vegetarian diet.

5.30 p.m.
Sono a carico di un acro di terra
ook presentation and introduction to the project Pecora Nera by Devis Bonanni (Marsilio editore, 2012)

7 p.m.
Perché sono vegetariana(Edizioni dell’Altana, 2011) 
The astrophysicist and scientist Margherita Hack explains why she is a vegetarian

Moderator Stefano Momentè

21.30 p.m.
Hotel Crab
Show performed by the Spanish theatre company Trukitrek

10.30 p.m.
Live concert of the group Denis Razz Quartet

And again...

Saturday, 1 September

Sunday, 2 September

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