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Syusy Blady

Maurizia Giusti, who goes by the stage name Syusy Blady, is a multifaceted personality in the entertainment world with many different interests. Author, presenter, director and comedian, she has gained huge popularity from her time on the television show “Turisti per caso” in which she and Patrizio Roversi provided the viewers with excellent travel reports from the most diverse corners of the planet. A big cinema fan, she debuted as a director with the short film “Ciccio Colonna”, presented at the Genua Film Festival. She sailed around the world with her TV-show “Velisti per caso” and investigated mysteries on the go on “Misteri per caso”. It is not uncommon to see her at town squares all over Italy, camping in her Mongolian yurta, a symbol of environmental sustainability (the tent is heated with solar panels), to raise awareness about sustainable development.

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