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Massimo Cirri

Born in Tuscany but later moved to Milan. For twenty-five years he has been dividing his day into three different parts: in the morning, he works as a psychologist in the National Service Mental Health - now in Trieste, previously in Milan; in the afternoon he is a radio presenter - firstly at Radio Popolare, then in Radio2 Rai, with Caterpillar. In the evening he has often worked as an author of dramas with Lella Costa.

He has written works for magazines such as Diario, Linus, Smemoranda and Tango. He is the co-author of: Il mistero del vaso cinese (Sperling & Kupfer, 1993), Il mondo dell’adolescenza: pensieri, enigmi, provocazioni (Franco Angeli, 1997) e Nostra Eccellenza (Chiarelettere, 2008). He was also a television author of following TV programs: Fuori Orario (1987-88, Rai3), Saxa Rubra (1994, Rai3), Mitiko (2006, La7).

The campaign in favour of power saving M’illumino di meno actually started thanks to the famous radio broadcast of Radio 2. The initiative aims at showing the importance of power saving as a concrete possibility in order to overcome most global energy problems.

For further information
The column by Massimo Cirri in the newspaper "Il Post"

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